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The construction industry generates a phenomenal amount of data, from a variety of sources. Centralizing this data is crucial to ensure effective project management.


Our solution

IFC File Integration: These files contain essential data for construction projects, but their integration and management requires a robust solution.
Centralization of IFC files: OMAE offers a platform that facilitates the integration and management of IFC files, allowing companies to effectively visualize, analyze and manage their data.
Connectivity: Companies need to interface this data with other external sources to get a complete view of their projects.
Connected APIs: OMAE has APIs that connect to external data sources, providing a truly centralized solution for all building-related data. This feature ensures that all the necessary information is available in one place.
File manager and messaging: To improve collaboration and communication within teams, OMAE has integrated an advanced file manager as well as messaging. These tools promote a smoother workflow and better coordination between the different project stakeholders.


The OMAE project is still ongoing and we are actively developing new modules and features. Basic functionality already allows companies to better navigate the complex world of building data.

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